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Dyslexia Specialist


Trauma in Schools and Communities Advisor 

• Dyslexia Assessment for all ages
• Adult Dyspraxia and ADHD assessment and advice (non medical assessments)
• Teaching sessions for literacy and for coping strategies
• Trauma in schools or in the workplace advice and guidance
By understanding how our brains work, we can learn how to use our strengths to navigate difficulties.

About Sarah Bisson

Dyslexia Specialist

Trauma in Schools Advisor

My areas of expertise are in dyslexia, trauma and mental healthconfidence building and one to one work. My ability to think outside the box when engaging people means that I capture peoples imagination and show them how they can motivate themselves to be successful. 


Individual empowerment

Empowering neurodiverse children, young people and adults to become empowered to take charge of their own destiny– assessment, consultation, teaching.


More trauma informed schools and better dyslexia identification and support

My passion is to drive for schools in Cumbria to become dyslexia friendly and trauma informed so that our children can thrive and achieve their potential.

Dyslexia in the Workplace

Assessment for dyslexia can be done in partnership with an employer who wants to understand what reasonable ajustments can be made to enable an employee to work to the best of their potential in a particual role. 

Dyslexia Assessment

A diagnostic assessment is available from the age of 7. It provides a picture of an individual’s cognitive profile and will help to ensure that any support put in place is as effective as possible. I assess children, young people and adults. 

Teaching - Specific Learning Difficulties

 I offer teaching sessions to adults as well as children and young people. This can be to improve literacy skills, understand assistive technology and/or to learn coping strategies which build on an individuals strengths. 

Trauma in School or the Workplace Advice

I work with schools and employers to understand how a person’s experience of trauma can be triggered in the school or workplace environment. A report offers recommendations of how teachers can support a child to become more regulated and able to learn or the accommodations that employers can put in place to enable an employee to work to their potential. 

Since my son’s assessment, and all the lessons you have done with him so far, his confidence has grown and grown, so much so, he feels confident in taking on another GCSE. Thank you.


I can read!!! I knew I could get there, but,…. I can read!!!!

 Adult Learner

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