Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

a. You are referred to in this contract as ‘the Client’, and you are the other party to this contract. You agree to the purchase of services on behalf of ‘the Student’. ‘The Student’ may be yourself or another person. The Student is the person who receives the service.

b. The Termination or Conclusion of the Agreement occurs when all of the obligations under this contract are complete or discharged.

2. General

a. The Client acknowledges that these terms govern the legal rights and obligations between the Client and My Neurons. My Neurons reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions.

3. Agreement for the provision of services

By booking with My Neurons, the Client agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

4. Termination of Tuition

If the Client wishes to terminate the tuition mid-term for any reason, one week’s notice must be provided. In that week the Client may choose to utilise the session or sessions that were planned to occur during that week, or not, but will not be refunded if the Client chooses not to utilise the session or sessions during that week.

5. Payment

a. The Client can pay either by bank transfer or in cash for any service.
b. Tuition will not begin prior to receipt of payment for the week previous.

6. Provision of Tutoring Services

a. My Neurons will carry out the tutoring services professionally, with due skill, diligence and care.
b. My Neurons is responsible for the content of the lessons and will prepare the lessons in accordance with the Client’s needs following teaching investigations.
c. My Neurons is responsible for providing all reasonable teaching materials.

7. Cancellations and Scheduling

a. Clients should be aware that there can be considerable preparation involved before each Session of tuition or assessment.
b. Clients must give notice of cancellation of any scheduled lesson more than five hours before the session is due to begin. If notice is given by that time, there is no charge for the session.
c. If notice is given within five hours of the start time of the session, then the session will be chargeable.
d. If the Student is late for a session, My Neurons is not obligated to work beyond the scheduled end time, and the session will be charged at the usual price, whether or not the Tutor works beyond the scheduled end time. If My Neurons is late for a session, then there will arrangements to make up for the lost time.

8. Liability

My Neurons is engaged by the Client only to provide tuition or assessment and is not responsible for the safety, wellbeing, welfare and care of Students or for the protection of any person’s property. Clients who choose to leave the Student alone during the tutorial or assessment do so of their own free choice and at their own risk.